Recommended from 34 SSB Allahabad for NDA-142

Hello friends. I got recommended in my first attempt from 34 SSB Allahabad for NDA 142 course. Joining NDA was my childhood dream.

I cleared NDA 142 written and then started preparing for SSB. SSB is all about personality so I focused on my inner self and read good motivational novels.

As per my senior suggestion, I met GROUP CAPTAIN PUNNET SHARMA sir.

I owe my recommendation to him. His guidance was helpful to me. I was confident and went to SSB and got a plus sign on my chest.

The common thing that I see in most aspirants was that they were so talented, but their wrong coaching and guidance had made them restricted, they came with preconceived mind and the result was not in their favor.

All of you who are living in Dehradun, visit Puneet Sharma SSB orientation and grooming classes. And definitely, it will benefit you all.

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  1. Well done young man.Enjoy the success.Remain grounded.

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